List of 10 Best Action Books and Graphic novels

The list of best action books from the authors like Philip K. Dick, Robert Ludlum, Ian Fleming who have inspired the best spy movies of all time. Including graphic novels, spy novels, and mysteries. 10. DriveĀ (novel) Drive (2005) is an action novel by James Sallis. The novel was adapted as a 2011 Best thriller movie […]

List of top 10 best cyberpunk movies of all time

best cyberpunk movies

The best cyberpunk movies tell stories about a dystopian future where societies are divided into two extreme classes, The working-class and upper-crust’s. Integration of humans to robots is the second niche of the cyberpunk genre. Here is the list of the best cyberpunk movies of all time. 10. Demolition Man Initial release: October 8, 1993 […]